Does the Magnetic Window Cleaner Work? - The Good and Bad

Oasis Cleaning | Does the Magnetic Window Cleaner Work? The Good and BadCleaning Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist

When it comes to Cleaning outside windows from the inside it can be quite a tedious task, especially if you live in an apartment or have a loft conversion. The awkward angle can make it difficult to get that smear-free finish, not to mention the risk of falling out of the window or dropping your equipment from above. 

Well, struggle no further! The magnetic window cleaner for double glazing is a clever device specially designed to solve that dilemma. With promises of it cleaning your hard-to-reach corners at a faster and safer pace, could it be your one and only essential tool? Lets find out!

What Is a Double-sided Magnetic Window Cleaner?

A magnetic window cleaner can be the safest do-it-yourself outside window cleaner. But how do magnetic window cleaners work? Well, these cleverly designed magnetic window cleaning devices have two pieces that go on either side of the window and are held firmly together by powerful magnets. The powerful magnetic window washer supposedly provides a tight but flexible grip for consistent coverage, all while repelling dirt from getting trapped between them. Moreover, the simple handle allows you to smoothly glide the cleaner from side to side with ease and accuracy. 

On the rare occasion the magnets come apart fear not, as the magnetic window cleaner is equipped with a safety string up to six meters long so that the outdoor piece can be easily retrieved. Simply attach the string to your window to secure the outside magnet from falling, and you’re ready to clean!

For best results, you will need to get the right size magnetic glass cleaner for your windows. For example, smaller magnets are intended for thin, single-glazed window glass. However thick double-glazed windows are best suited for medium-sized magnets that are more powerful. The thicker your glass, the bigger-sized cleaner you will need!

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What to Expect in a Magnetic Window Cleaner Package? 

  • 2 magnets parts
  • A spacer
  • White safety string
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Spare rubber squeegees
  • Spare powerful magnets

How to Clean Outside Windows from Inside using the Magnetic Window Cleaner?

  • Start by mixing a little of the cleaning solution with lukewarm water in your bucket. Use enough solution to create a bubble as the soapiness will allow the gadget to smoothly glide on the window surface.
  • Then coat the magnetic side of each piece with the soapy solution by dipping it into the bucket of water.
  • Next, begin rubbing together the sponges to create froth.
  • Now that your magnetic cleaner is prepped place the piece with the handle against the inside of the glass and put the smaller piece on the outside so that they camp together. Don’t forget to attach the safety string to the window handle to stop it from falling. Now you’re ready to clean!
  • Start by scrubbing the glass with the sponge/cloth first slowly agitating the dirt to lift it off the glass. Then with the squeegee blade slowly remove all dirt from top to bottom in a zigzag movement.
  • Add that final polish by removing any streaks using the microfiber cloth. On both magnetic parts, spray clear water and glide the magnets across the width of the whole window being sure to get into the corners. Once finished, step back and admire your reflection in your shiny new windows!


Oasis Cleaning | Does the Magnetic Window Cleaner Work? The Good and BadCleaning Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist

Magnetic Window Cleaner – The Good?

  • These relatively small window cleaning gadgets can be easy stored.
  • Risk free – avoids falling out of window
  • Can inexpensively clean high-level windows at any level
  • All in one tool for window cleaning –sponge, squeegee and cloth.
  • Quick cleaning time as the double sided window cleaner can clean both sides simultaneously.
  • Easily replaceable sponges for multiple uses
  • Affordable
  • The Magnetic Window cleaner UK can be used with most windows.

Magnetic Window Cleaner – The Bad?

  • Cannot move magnets too fast, otherwise, they will come apart when turning sides.
  • Using the wrong magnetic double-sided window cleaner on a glass pane can break the glass. Strong magnets should be used on toughened glass such as double glazed not single glazed.
  • Magnets become almost inseparable if clamped together and placed in a bucket of cleaning solution. Trying to take them apart could break them.
  • Larger size magnet cleaners can be difficult to work with and tricky to move.
  • Safety strings on some products are too short and might need replacing.
  • Cannot clean frames or sills
Oasis Cleaning | Does the Magnetic Window Cleaner Work? The Good and BadCleaning Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist


In conclusion the magnetic window cleaner can be a great alternative to safely reaching and cleaning those high-level windows. Nevertheless, time and practice are required to master using this magnetic window cleaner UK. Depending on how much time you have it may be worth the investment, however many prefer to employ a professional window cleaner. You can save yourself time, energy, and stress by hiring a reliable window cleaning company who you can count on to deliver crystal clean windows every time! Not only can our equipment reach windows 5 floors up in a fraction of the time, but we wash your glass panes, frames, and sills as standard! For this reason, we would always recommend a professional window cleaning company. Try us today by contacting our team for a quick and free quote with no obligation!




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