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Domestic Window Cleaning in London: What we do?

A 5 Star Window Cleaning Company in London providing regular and eco-friendly window cleaning services- not to mention guaranteed quality every time!

We use a variety of cleaning methods, including the traditional applicator and squeegee, to the revolutionary “Reach and wash” method which uses a water fed pole and pure ionised water!

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Regular cleaning for all windows and types including builders cleans, commercial, domestic, external and internal! We also clean your frames, remove cobwebs and flush the dirt out of the crevices of the windows.  Some cleaners often neglect the frames which thus allows the build up of dirt to discolour them, leaving a cleaned glass still looking like a dirty window!


The build-up of embedded dirt and algae will leave your conservatory and glass looking dull and tired! Long-term this will cause discolouration to UPVC, corrosion to metalwork, leaky seals and expensive repair costs! However regular cleaning will maintain the condition of your conservatory whilst keeping it looking clean and attractive all year round!​


Due to an increase in solar panel installations, comes a greater need for them to be maintained because a build up of dirt and external elements can affect their solar efficiency. Consequently with our "Reach and wash" method we can easily and effectively reach and clean the majority of solar panels, using an eco-friendly approach to allow your solar panels to operate at optimum efficiency! Fill out our CONTACT FORM for an OASIS Solar clean!​

Frequently Asked Questions?


Who Are we?

We are a 5 Star Window Cleaning Company based in London providing regular and eco-friendly window cleaning services- not to mention guaranteed quality every time!


Do you only use reach & wash?

We use a variety of cleaning methods, depending on the job at hand. One of our trained professionals will carefully assess your needs and the job, in order to choose the best method and tools required. This ranges from the traditional applicator and squeegee, to the revolutionary and superior "Reach and wash" method! This method uses a water fed pole and pure ionised water!


do you clean the insides?

Simply put, Yes we clean the insides! Pricing will vary but one of our skilled professionals will assess your circumstances and needs.


What is the "reach & wash" method?

An extendable water fed pole attached to a brush that can reach, scrub, rinse and wash! The ergonomic design and purpose made bristles means it can reach those significantly high level windows, and get into all the nooks and crannies, for a thorough clean! Moreover it uses pure ionised water that dissolves all dirt, dust and grime. This leaves a spotless and streak-free finish, all while remaining firmly on the ground safe and secure.


What is Eco-Friendly working?

As cleaners we pride ourselves on keeping not just your homes clean but also our planet. To do this we try to avoid using harmful chemicals, irritants and solvents that are non biodegradable or would disrupt the environment.
Consequently our first choice cleaning substance is always purified water! We achieve this by filtering harvested rainwater through our special RO systems to remove any impurities and toxic compounds.
It's with this purified and harvested rain water that we cleanse your windows, frames and businesses with, meaning the drainage returns to the environment with no added contaminates!


how often should i have my conservatory cleaned?

In all honesty we recommend you get your conservatory cleaned at the same frequency you have your house windows cleaned, ideally ever 1-2 months. As for your conservatory roof, this can be left to every 4-6 months depending on the seasons and its location in your garden.

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