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Why Choose US!

We pride ourselves on giving a neighbourly experience to all our clients!

This includes being:

  • Reachable and Flexible
  • 100% guarantee on all work undertaken
  • Giving back to the environment and community through eco-friendly window cleaning!

We all have a role to play, that’s what makes us a community. Thus, Oasis cleaning is not just a part of, but is at your service! So, give us a try and support your local community too!

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Our 3 Step Process?

1. We use harvested rain water, funnelled through our special RO systems in order to purify.

2. Our advanced water fed pole cleaning equipment uses this clean and chemical-free water to cleanse your windows, frames and businesses!

3. We then leave the windows to dry naturally! The excess water drains off contaminate free. While the ionised pure water residue magically evaporates away streak free!

“Creating an Oasis is what we’re about!”

Oasis Cleaning is a family run company, specialising in both commercial and domestic Eco-friendly Window & Gutter cleaning! As a FAMILY run business, we pride ourselves on giving a professional and neighbourly experience to all our customers by:

  • Being easily accessible and flexible
  • Offering 100% guarantee on all work undertaken
  • Providing regular services to industry standards, all year round at affordable quality!

Having been in this industry for some time, we know how much our customers value and appreciate a clean and spotless appearance!

Therefore, we set out on a mission with two goals in mind. How could we reduce or eliminate:

  1. The impact of our services on the environment
  2. The risk of working from dangerous heights and tricky elevations

All while superseding the quality and finish of traditional methods!

We achieved this through use of our pure water-fed pole system and SkyVac equipment. These methods have enabled us to operate more efficiently and safely while simultaneously achieving even CLEANER, NATURAL and ORGANIC results!

When we clean, your home or business is restored to a true OASIS! As we like to say – “It’s not a mirage, it’s just CLEAN!”

All Windows Matter!

Our telescopic pole can easily reach those high-level, awkward or setback windows, meaning we don’t have to risk our safety or your property!

Additionally we can clean the frame and sill, otherwise impossible without being inside or using scaffolding!

P.s The window in the picture is 3 levels high!

Our Ethos!

If you, like us prefer quality over quantity, clean over toxic then Oasis Cleaning is the right company for you! 

It’s not just what we’re about, its who we are! Its not a mirage its just clean! Its OASIS!

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Oasis Cleaning|Why Choose Us?Cleaning Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist


Offering 6 specialist cleaning services for both commercial and domestic clients. A one stop shop for all your cleaning needs!​

Oasis Cleaning|Why Choose Us?Cleaning Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist


We use nothing but the best! Our high-tech equipment gives a quick and thorough clean. We deliver optimal lasting results every time!

Oasis Cleaning|Why Choose Us?Cleaning Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist


Fully insured for yours and our protection, guaranteeing a trouble-free experience no matter what!

Our Work

Here at oasis cleaning, we specialize in commercial and domestic window and gutter cleaning! Here are some of our work photos