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Looking for a RELIABLE Gutter Cleaning Service in LONDON?

Gutters blocked and overflowing? No time to clean them? Dont want to risk using ladders?



· SAFETY: Avoid climbing up ladders and putting yourself at risk

· TIME: Save valuable time and stay stress free knowing a trained gutter cleaner is on the job!

· POWER: Our industry equipment’s powerful suction power means it can easily remove the build-up of autumn leaves, moss and algae from the highest of reaches, to the toughest of blockages.

· REACH: Our telescopic poles allow us to effectively and safely clear gutters suspended above conservatories and extensions, from the safety of the ground up to 4 stories high! 


Leaving clogged gutters unchecked for a period of time will eventually compromise the strength and functionality of them. Stagnant water will create leaks in joints and put constant pressure on fixings and brackets.  Blockages can cause damage to the exterior of your walls and foundation due to rainwater from your roof overflowing from the gutters down the walls. No wonder experts say gutters can go from a necessity to a nightmare if not maintained!

So don’t delay but call Oasis Cleaning to give your gutters and windows a full cleaning service today! No job is too hard or high that we can’t do!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a 5 Star Window and Gutter Cleaning Company based in London providing regular and eco-friendly window cleaning services- not to mention guaranteed quality every time!

Some people look at their gutters and see no issue, but what you can’t see can sometimes come back to hurt you- at least your wallet!

For example your gutters control the flow of rainwater that falls onto your roof and into the gutter channels, thus protecting your roof, walls, foundation and landscape. However a clogged gutter stops this system and can cause a leaky roof, water damage to the interior or exterior of your home, having to replace broken gutter channels. No wonder experts say if neglected, gutters can turn from a necessity to a nightmare! For this reason most people have their gutters routinely cleared of moss and dead leaves that cause blockages.

Many experts recommend cleaning your gutters at least two or three times a year. A rough guide is once in the late spring and once in the late summer or early fall.
However if your house has quite a few trees surrounding it this could increase the frequency.

Contact us today and we can provide a regular cleaning service package for you.

Cleaning out gutters is pretty simple but can be a messy or dangerous job if not done correctly- hence why most call a professional.

The tried and tested method is by hand, but a high pressure hose can help clear out blockages in your down pipes.

Before you start be sure to:

  1. Wear work gloves and eye protection for your safety
  2. Remove and discard gunk in a garbage bag or depending it could be used as compost. Do not leave on the ground as it can attract insects
  3. Make a proper job of it, by checking the condition of your gutters and sealing any leaks you find
  4. If you find mould use a diluted solution of bleach and water in a spray bottle to remove
  5. If using a ladder always have someone holding it to avoid injury as your safety is first! Of course the safest way to clean them is to call a professional!

As cleaners we pride ourselves on keeping not just your homes clean but also our planet. To do this we try to avoid using harmful chemicals, irritants and solvents that are non biodegradable or would disrupt the environment. Consequently our first choice cleaning substance is always purified water! We achieve this by filtering harvested rainwater, amongst other sources,  through our special RO systems to remove any impurities and toxic compounds. It’s with this purified water that we cleanse your windows, frames and businesses with, meaning the drainage returns to the environment with no added contaminates!

Our Work

Here at oasis cleaning, we specialize in commercial and domestic window and gutter cleaning! Here are some of our work photos