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“Oasis Cleaning is a family run company, specialising in both commercial and domestic Eco-friendly Window & Gutter cleaning! As a FAMILY run business, we pride ourselves on giving a professional and neighbourly experience to all our customers by:

·         Being easily accessible and flexible

·         Offering 100% guarantee on all work undertaken

·         Providing regular services to industry standards, all year round at affordable quality!

Having been in this industry for some time, we know how much our customers value and appreciate a clean and spotless appearance!

However, historically some traditional methods and ways of working have proved somewhat harmful to the environment that we value highly, as well as presenting safety risks with the use of ladders and challenging heights.

Subsequently, though the visual finish is imperative, the impact of our services on the environment and our safety is of greater importance!

Therefore, we set out on a mission with two goals in mind.

How could we reduce or eliminate?

1.      The impact of our services on the environment

2.      The risk of working from dangerous heights and tricky elevations

All while superseding the quality and finish of traditional methods!

Such a goal became a reality when we adopted an Eco-friendly cleaning approach, through our pure water-fed pole cleaning system and SkyVac equipment. (Check out our “Why Choose Us?” page on our website). These methods have enabled us to operate more efficiently and safely while simultaneously achieving even CLEANER, NATURAL and ORGANIC results!

Consequently, when we clean, your home or business is restored to a true OASIS! As we like to say – “It’s not a mirage, it’s just CLEAN!”

Kind Regards


Oasis Cleaning”

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